Privacy Policy

In the content below we explain how CoPro App for registering deviations works with the data it collects and where it is stored.


The CoPro Deviation iOS app comes with a configurable service that allows you to send data from the app back to your internal servers. This privacy policy has been put together to describe what data is collected, used and stored by the app before it sends it to the server. Since this document is subject to changes and improvements, it will be updated from time to time.

Information that is being collected

When you launch the iOS app the first time you have to insert the web service address to your deviation application on your internal server. When the address is correct, the app connects to your server and automatically download parameters used to qualify a deviation. To identify your device the app uses the iOS functionality to retrieve a vendor unique device ID for your device. This device ID remains the same while the app is installed in the device. The device ID changes when the user deletes the app and reinstalls it.

What is being sent to the server

The app uses standard ….. and therefore sends out Location Updates containing the following information:

- True/False wether Location History is enabled or not

- The Location Data Retention Time in Minutes

- The vendor device ID

- The current devices time

And the location data containing:

- Longitude

- Latitude

- Accuracy in meters

 Default values

By default the app is configured to send Location Updates out with the Location History disabled and a Location Data Retention Time of 30 minutes. This means that after 30 minutes by default the location data is completely lost on the server side. Be aware that this also means that the server does not know that Device ID anymore and therefore the app might give an error message when you would try to access the location data after more than 30 minutes after the last update. All these things can of course be configured.

The default server that is being used is the free Miataru server service reachable on This service is a plain Miataru server configured to store a maximum of 1024 Location History entries per device. Older Location History entries will be removed automatically.

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