mandag 11 september 2017

CoPro hires JavaScript developer(s)

We are looking for a youngminded, skilled, curious and lively person to join our team. Javascript is the keyword and hardworking, curiosity and laughs are the basics we build on.
The main skill we are looking for is aka Angular2 (not AngularJS). Furthermore if you have used you will most likely also have used various supporting technologies, frameworks and techniques. Below is a list of frontend frameworks and terminologies that are very connected with and which we use. You should be comfortable with these.
rxjs & observables
async & await
promisses; deferred; callbacks
We dont require many years of experience. We recognise that skilled frontend developers dont necessarily have 10 years of experience since many of these frontend frameworks are young. However we do require that you have worked with in depth on 1 or more projects previously and should have at least 3 months of experience in it. We also require you to have 3 - 6 months or more of project experience in the other supporting technologies.

CoPro live offers;

Contact Erik Bakken,, 920 32 305 if you want to discuss further.

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